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GK Elite is the world’s leading manufacturer of gymnastics and cheerleading apparel. In two sports where style and originality definitely matter, GK saw an opportunity to further distance themselves from other brands by putting Spectrum on their team.

For over 30 years, GK Elite has been the brand of choice for international Olympians, world champions and the US gymnastics team. If you see a gymnast standing on a podium with a medal around their neck, they’re probably wearing GK. Those cheerleaders on the sidelines? Yes, probably GK, too.

GK Elite’s existing customization tool was used primarily by an internal team to create visuals for orders taken by telephone. It relied on outdated, non-responsive Flash-based technology that didn’t give the customer a full view of the garments.

Using the Spectrum platform, we built a custom experience for GK from the ground up—a fully-responsive, mobile-friendly system that provides customers a 360-degree, 3D view of the products they’re creating themselves. Now tops and bottoms can be designed and viewed together. UDESIGN360 also supports conditional logic, so it’s able to offer specific decoration options based on the base material while limiting designs that can’t be manufactured.

Spectrum’s unparalleled 3D visualization provides a lifelike representation of even the most complex details, such as jeweled embellishments, intricate and dynamic fabrics that shimmer or shine, layered materials and dynamic text placement.

Let’s see what the judges think. 10. 10. 9.9. 9.9. 10. Hey, look—we’re on the Wheaties box!

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