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Under Armour


Under Armour was looking for a competitive edge in custom athletic footwear. Spectrum with WebGL visualization technology helped them create a best-in-class customization experience.

As a brand built on performance, Baltimore-based Under Armour would never settle for a “runner-up” product customization experience. With Spectrum, they found a platform that delivers what no other product customizer can.

ICON was Under Armour’s first foray into mass direct-to-consumer product customization. As you’d expect, they did their research. In Spectrum, they saw a platform superior to every other product customizer they reviewed—from design through implementation—from people with deep experience in 3D visualization, sublimation printing and integration into multiple factories.

ICON leverages the power of WebGL technology to generate true-to-life 3D product renderings in real time. So, whether the user is designing a custom Curry 5 basketball shoe, Ignite sandal or Sack Pack bag, the final product they receive is true to what they created on screen.

The options are virtually endless. As a starting point, users can browse through dozens of customizable patterns, limited-edition prints or just start from scratch. Spectrum enables photo and artwork uploads, too, for a truly one-of-a-kind shoe design. The ICON interface allows images to be easily sized, positioned, mirrored or tiled. Users can also choose from an expansive color palette for each shoe component and add text in a variety of font styles.

Under Armour’s ICON program continues to expand, now offering a customization option for nearly 20 different products with more being added seasonally.

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