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Administering Your Custom Program

Since we first launched our product customizer, we’ve always provided a form of administrative tools to our clients. The first phase of our tool focused on text moderation and reporting. In the second phase, our focus turned to helping clients optimize their customer workflow, particularly around frequently-changing customization options. Now, as our global client base has grown and our customization platform has evolved, we’ve uncovered even more opportunities for functionality within our admin tool. After an extensive UX prototyping phase with considerable client testing and feedback, we are now launching the next evolution of our administrative tools, focused in the following areas:

  1. User and order management
  • Ability to provide varying levels of member access levels + user management
  • Navigation elements configured per client based on the features of their customization program and product licensing
  • Admins have the ability to impersonate other users on their team, allowing them to more easily answer questions and troubleshoot issues for others.
  • Order management and search functionality of order data, including date, PO, export functionality for further customer support by CSR’s and at the factory level. Note – does not allow for changing the status of an order
Order list view, allows admin users to filter by date and a variety of other order details. In addition, users can export orders to CSV.
  1. Product management – manage components real-time to ensure consumers are only making selections that are available at the factory 
  • Live/Not live toggle for components – allowing the ability to toggle off and on specific components so clients can be confident the platform is only showing products available to be ordered 
  • Flexible thumbnail management allows client to use RGB HEX values (perfect for flat colors) or images (to better showcase more detailed materials, such as metallics)
Product management allows for real-time management of component availability. 
  1. Personalization management
  • Manage personalization elements, including stock art, prints and patterns (add, categorize, re-order selection)
  • Fonts management including availability and order of fonts for text-based personalization of products
Manage artwork availability, categorization, and localized names. 
  1. Moderation
  • Developed a guide for defining text moderation expectations within the admin tool including character replacement and deny list case sensitivity. Also added ways to update the deny list, including bulk import capability.
  • Automated moderation of text and images is also available using industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) services, which helps to protect brand image without requiring a team of moderators. 
  • Improved functionality to allow clients to define specific images that should bypass image moderation. This was a frequent request among clients using our AI service, so we added the functionality. 
  • For clients that have human review as part of their content moderation, we’ve added the ability for clients to moderate images or questionable content uploaded by users. 
If a consumer disputes an AI moderation result, they can submit the order for human moderation review.
  1. Reporting
  • Ability to refine your custom program based on real-time order data
  • Create trends out of custom products are being ordered (which colors are most popular, what fonts are being used the most) 
  • Provide daily order summaries – streamlines analysis of custom order information
Reporting dashboard provides at-a-glance key stats for evaluating your customization program.

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about our admin tools or any aspects of the Spectrum 3D customization platform.