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Spectrum Enterprise

A one-of-a-kind customizer designed, built and integrated to your exact requirements.

Time to launch 3-4 months
Realistic 3d product visualization
Configurable CMS
Cloud Hosting
Responsive UI/UX Custom
Custom Capabilities
Colors, patterns, textures
Fonts Unlimited Fonts
Image library +
user uploaded images
Logic-based customizations
Responsive UI/UX Custom
Ecommerce Capabilities
System Support Any ecommerce platform
Checkout/Cart integration
Dynamic Pricing
Real-time inventory
Order Management
Order Spec Delivery Custom spec
Print-ready files
Spectrum connect ?
Other Features
Social Sharing Email, composited images
Analytics/reporting Custom
Localization ready
User content moderation Text, 3rd party image moderation integration
Inspiration gallery
Custom retargeting ads


Is your system secure?

Yes! Spectrum is hosted on Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service, which employs intrusion detection, denial-of-service (DDoS) attack prevention, and regular penetration testing. And the Spectrum team ensures data is secured and servers are monitored and patched as needed.

How stable is your platform?

Spectrum is Cloud hosted utilizing a CDN that is available across over 30 data centers worldwide providing optimal speed and performance. We are proud to report 99.995% uptime.

How long will it take to integrate Spectrum?

Depending on the number of products in your custom catalog, complexity of the customization options, and the level of factory integration required, you can be up and running with Spectrum in 3-6 months.

What ecommerce platforms do you support?

Spectrum integrates with any ecommerce platform, ranging from cloud based solutions to custom implementations.

Is the platform autonomous or does your team make changes?

Clients can manage things such as galleries, color availability and restricted text using the Spectrum admin. For more complex data and logic updates or new product onboarding, the Spectrum team will need to assist.

Do you have your own factories?

No, we do not have our own factories. But we have lots of experience collaborating with them.

How do 3D models get created?

The Spectrum team includes top-notch 3D artists who can create Spectrum-ready models in one of the following ways:

  • Based on your CAD files
  • Scanning your physical product

Can you help build my ecommerce site?

You bet. While not included in our standard pricing, we do have a team of developers with extensive ecommerce experience. And did we mention that we are a Shopify Plus and Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner?

Can I make updates and changes to my customizer?

Clients can manage things such as galleries, color availability and restricted text using the Spectrum admin. For more complex data and logic updates or new product onboarding, the Spectrum team will need to assist.

Can you use my existing 3D models?

As a starting point, yes. However, Spectrum requires web optimized models that are built in a way that allows them to be tightly integrated with customization data. Our talented team of 3D artists and engineers will create and integrate these models.

How do you integrate with our existing ERP system?

Using the Spectrum API, backend and ERP systems can access all data, including images, pricing and specifications, at any time using the unique recipe identifier. This allows any system that can connect via API to access Spectrum data.

What is the pricing structure?

Spectrum clients pay based on 1) complexity  of initial integration (includes custom UI design, system integration requirements, factory integration, customization logic, and the number of products) and 2) monthly SaaS licensing for the custom admin interface, and reporting console and Microsoft Azure hosting.

Do you take a percentage of revenue?


We’ve never offered product customization. What is your best advice?

Designate a dedicated brand ambassador for your custom program and adopt a “crawl, walk, run” mentality. Plan, demonstrate, and scale off an initial go-to-market launch.

What is the average increase in price for a customizable product?

This is highly dependent on the product and manufacturing process, but brands often charge a 25-50% premium for customizable versions of their in line products.

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