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Welcome to the Spectrum blog, where we discuss the benefits of product customization, trends we see in the industry and best practices.


A large hurdle in developing a custom product program is finding a production solution that fits within the brand’s existing infrastructure and supply chain. Adding custom products in a customer flow requires levels of integration that may challenge legacy e-comm platforms, overwhelm teams and jeopardize the initiative. Any benefits of a successful custom program can […]


Product customization empowers your biggest fans to create their own unique masterpieces. Unfortunately that empowerment can come with potential risk since you are giving some of your brand control over to the consumer. Smart moderation tools and process provides a balance between the freedom your fans desire and adhering to brand and legal guidelines.  Spectrum […]


A customized program turns your products into a canvas to design masterpieces exactly to their standards (but within your brand guidelines), investing their time and making it their own. In fact, Spectrum clients see an average 5X increase in time-on-site with users customizing products. Spectrum Creator is the technology that supports these customization capabilities within […]


Users who customize products are your most loyal fans, generating valuable primary data as they invest their time on your site. Harnessed properly, this data provides brands great opportunities for remarketing and retargeting as custom orders are left in shopping carts. And once they’re ordered, custom products have administrative needs like any other products, to […]

The Unique Capabilities of Spectrum 3DTrue

We’re excited to announce the launch of Spectrum 3DTrue, our newest rendering engine that brings our clients’ products alive with crystal-clear, photo-realistic 3D. 3DTrue’s best-in-class visualization offers high-level animated states, multi-variant lighting and true to life material representation. With 3DTrue,  the variety and complexity of materials are represented with 100% accuracy,  including glass, translucent plastics, […]

Brand Benefits of Product Customization

Spectrum Customizer began helping clients with their custom product programs over 10 years ago. Since that time, we’ve been singularly focused on becoming the global leader in product personalization. Never content to simply be a “configurator,” we place our emphasis on first ensuring proper integration with our client’s facilities to ensure the custom products can […]

Self-expression through personalization in the outdoor industry

At Spectrum, we take great pride in offering functional as well as aesthetic customization as a key feature of our platform. This convergence of aesthetic and product feature customization is highly beneficial to the outdoor category, where self-expression with performance features are highly sought. We make full product customization a reality for our clients, including […]

Customization in Technology

As the Spectrum Customizer has grown, we’ve learned some products, and categories, lend themselves to product customization more readily than others. In the highly-competitive technology category, it’s critical for brands to avoid becoming a commodity or building a “me too” image. For this category, offering product customization is a great way to differentiate the brand, […]

Administering Your Custom Program

Since we first launched our product customizer, we’ve always provided a form of administrative tools to our clients. The first phase of our tool focused on text moderation and reporting. In the second phase, our focus turned to helping clients optimize their customer workflow, particularly around frequently-changing customization options. Now, as our global client base […]

Custom UX

Maintaining an e-commerce site means constantly evaluating and implementing third-party software to maximize your users’ experience and site performance. More third-party integrations mean more potential complications, workarounds, and ultimately, disruptions to your e-commerce process. Conversely, when consumers have a smooth shopping experience, without experiencing weird frames or 3rd party URLs, it solidifies the brand in […]