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Not all customizers are the same.

Welcome to the only 3D-to-factory product customization platform that turns consumers into brand fanatics. The portfolio of brands that trust us with their product customization programs runs deep: from Carhartt, Xbox, and JBL to Hydro Flask, Stanley — just to name a few. And it’s not surprising: with Spectrum, these brands have seen increased revenue stream opportunities, profit margins, and time on their site. Besides, there’s nothing like uber-exclusive products to reduce competition from third-party retailers.

Here’s how we do it:



Enable your customer’s vision to be visualized with industry-leading photo-realistic 3D. With 3DTrue’s high-fidelity, 360-degree view, your products will appear crystal-clear, increasing consumer confidence while driving higher conversion rates.

See more detail and examples of 3DTrue applied at our blog.



A custom product line means cooperation across departments and partners to create a complete end-to-end ecosystem. We begin our integration process at the factory, and work backwards from there. The result? A 100% factory integration rate – meaning we provide a seamless integration process with factory-ready files. What’s most important? Their consumers get peace of mind knowing the custom products they design are manufacturable and meet all expectations.

Click here to learn more about our factory integration capabilities with Spectrum Connect.



This is the customer’s palette. With the Spectrum Creator, your customer has access to a full suite of customization tools, like user image upload, colors, stickers and fonts, even monograms. This allows the customer to design their creation in real-time — and have fun while they do it.

Visit our blog to learn about all of the customization tools in the Spectrum Creator palette.



This cutting-edge AI tool allows for maximum protection of your brand, saving your team’s time while protecting against copyright infringements, vulgarities and inappropriate content.

Learn more about our AI-powered process for moderating text, images and audio at our blog.



People who customize products are some of your most valuable consumers — and when their orders are left in shopping carts, it opens unique personalized remarketing and retargeting opportunities with Spectrum Intelligence. In addition, Intelligence captures a swath of priceless information on custom purchases and consumers, including unique customer insights and product configuration analysis.

Learn more about how Spectrum helps our clients take advantage of this data at our blog.