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Custom UX

Maintaining an e-commerce site means constantly evaluating and implementing third-party software to maximize your users’ experience and site performance. More third-party integrations mean more potential complications, workarounds, and ultimately, disruptions to your e-commerce process. Conversely, when consumers have a smooth shopping experience, without experiencing weird frames or 3rd party URLs, it solidifies the brand in the consumer’s mind, building credibility. In fact, Forrester quantified that good UX can raise ecomm ROI by 200% and excellent UX can raise ROI by over 400%.  

Our Approach

We recognize the importance of a consistent user experience, so when introducing brands to product customization, we begin with an integrated approach, considering both design and user experience to create an innovative touch point that only your brand can offer. Spectrum was born on a fundamental foundation to be designed around a brand’s DNA, delivering a unique and consistent branded experience.  This flexibility in UX and design doesn’t mean it will be code-heavy, however. We place a premium on optimizing for asset sizes, SEO terms and load times.

Spectrum’s platform is designed around your brand’s DNA

Customizable features available with Spectrum’s UX and unique to your brand.

The Spectrum platform minimizes the need for additional resources for initial integration. With over 10 years of experience and usability analytics tracked across millions of product configurations, we are the leading experts supporting a wide variety of UX services for our clients. Our UX team guides clients who are new to product customization, helping them decide what (and how many) features would be best to personalize. We support and supplement a brand’s internal design teams with UI best practices, usability feedback and recommendations. Your in-house design team won’t need any expertise to match look and feel, as it’s easily done through the Spectrum platform.

If you are considering offering product customization internationally, we have an easy process for localization. Spectrum’s platform provides clients the easy ability to provide a consistent brand experience across all languages and markets your company operates in.

UX continuity creates a consistent experience for your customer, ultimately reducing bounce rates by 50% and product detail page abandonment rates. Our UX team will work with you to provide the most seamless product customization experience for your users.