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Spectrum’s portfolio of leading consumer brands, provides a unique perspective into ecommerce and personalization trends, showing engagement trends between a brand’s top products and its most dedicated fanbase. The insights we’re able to derive demonstrate why product customization can successfully drive ROI.

Beyond its financial impact, a product customizer provides substantial and unique benefits that can contribute to its ROI: 

  • More dynamic marketing opportunities that speak directly to your top brand fanatics
  • Additional inventory and supply chain control 
  • Opportunity to align your brand with culture in an extremely unique and engaging way

Customized products provide a compelling way of building brand loyalty. This post demonstrates how and why brands will use their custom products in marketing initiatives outside of ecommerce. Upcoming posts will address how product customizers provide unique inventory control opportunities as well as provide examples of how customization allows brands to tap into culture like never before. 

Brands have long featured their most popular products in their marketing – those that best represent the brand with the broadest appeal. Brands providing product customization have a further advantage since they have unique glimpses (through primary data) into the minds of their top enthusiasts, allowing them to showcase products that appeal to their audience’s most personal tastes. With that level of data, what would it look like as customized products begin to take the lead in marketing efforts?


Spectrum’s industry-leading 3D product visualization allows customized products to seamlessly enhance existing brand AR initiatives, creating further product immersion. And these same top quality assets can bring product customization to the retail environment through kiosks and mobile platforms, creating omnichannel, digitally innovative opportunities to bricks-and-mortar.

The future of omnichannel, bringing virtual customization to the retail level with the Bauer 3D Skate Lab and Spectrum Customizer
Improve conversion with hyper-targeted outreach encouraging engagement with abandoned personalized products.


On average, Spectrum clients see a 5X increase in time on-site. Imagine the efficacy of re-targeting those abandoned carts with the exact product they spent time customizing.

Consumers are getting better and better at tuning out digital marketing, so brands must find increasingly unique ways to capture their audience’s attention. Spectrum’s product customization platform provides dynamic product assets and specific designs for brands to use in their paid media and email initiatives, allowing brands to garner more interest from the ever-coveted younger demographics, without alienating other segments of their audience.


Product customization data from the Spectrum platform provides brands with key insights into the most popular options, colors, accessories, designs and SKU’s of their “superfans.” Armed with this level of product configuration data from top fans, some brands have made functional and aesthetic changes to their products. One client changed their factory-default options after data revealed a majority of customers were customizing one option over the original default color. Additionally, we see forward-thinking brands designing products specifically optimized for customization options, going even beyond the standard SKU offering.

Personalization in digital marketing has always been a goal for top brands, utilizing a mix of primary and secondary data to craft more unique and engaging messaging to their audiences.  Brands that offer product customization are able to expand on this personalization at an entirely new level, engaging with brand fans in unique and unexpected ways, with products they have personally customized.