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Order Management Systems

Enterprise-level Order Management systems (OMS) are great at managing ongoing and standard production processes by managing order details with ease and transparency throughout the lifecycle. Those strengths break down, however, when custom products are added to the mix, demanding more flexibility and nimbleness than most legacy systems can provide. 

This disconnect can be a large barrier for brands when they are considering adding custom products to their eCommerce system.

With that in mind, Spectrum has developed our own OMS, providing our clients with an effective stop-gap system, specifically designed for customized products, but with similar benefits to enterprise solutions. 

A Better Approach

Our proprietary system simplifies integration for custom manufacturing, providing an efficient option to larger, more enterprise solutions. For some of our clients, Spectrum’s OMS allows them to circumvent these legacy systems when necessary, providing a cost-efficient solution. Additionally, our solution provides the exact necessary features for managing your custom orders, without the need for feature-intensive enterprise alternates. Sometimes, simplicity is the best solution.

OMS: Shipping, Customer Service, Marketing Insight, Moderation Ability, Factory Transparency

Designed by Spectrum, Informed by Clients

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business to understand their struggles and pain points across the customer experience. With that feedback, we developed a flexible and lightweight OMS, with the ability to work across many different types of manufacturing facilities and printing types. 

Additionally, our deep experience with factory integration influenced the features we built-in, helping us recognize where our clients would find the most value. Features such as moderation (helping your teams successfully monitor user content) and data security (our OMS keeps PII data secure while allowing teams to handle order processing) have proven to be among the most impactful features our clients are enjoying. 

With the unique and promising nature of custom products, we designed our OMS to optimize the level of reporting from the system. Access to customer data from custom orders can be combined with regular eCommerce data to provide additional insights into a brand’s most loyal customers. These insights and a more specific profile of your custom audience may also inform future marketing and media decisions.

Benefits for Your Team

The benefits of Spectrum’s OMS extend across multiple departments within an organization. However, our experience has shown two specific departments stand to gain the most from our OMS and the product information it provides:

  1. Customer Service – Our system helps seamlessly facilitate warranty claims, re-ordering, order tracking and more
  2. Factory Operations – Our OMS provides full transparency for order fulfillment, shipping and logistics, and automated pack lists and return labeling. It’s also an effective option for workarounds 

Spectrum’s proprietary OMS is one of many ways we’ve evolved our platform to make product customization easy and help facilitate manufacturing. Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to show you more.