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Spectrum has completed over 100 integrations across a variety of platforms and ecommerce technologies. And whether they come from existing clients, or prospects we’re speaking with, we’ve seen a pattern of questions about technical integration we felt we can address.

Our technology integrates with our clients’ ecomm systems on two levels:

  • Front-end UX integration
  • Back-end factory integration
Spectrum 3DTRUE
The unique capabilities of Spectrum’s 3D Customization Platform


Our primary goal is to be the best white-label solution for our clients. A brand’s ecomm site and experience is an extremely valuable touch point, so our goal is to ensure users never feel they are anywhere other than the brand’s website. Spectrum’s technology blurs the line between the customization interface and the brand site (i.e no odd frames or random URLs) so users never realize a third party is involved. 

These are some of the areas we focus on to to ensure our front-end integration remains the best in class:

  • User experiences that fully integrate with brand look/feel/tone 
  • Low code integration – front-end integration time is on the order of hours, not days
  • Brands are able to retain full reign over site content, design and navigation since Spectrum technology rides on top of existing ecomm technology – no need to alter existing cart processes. 
  • All pricing/product availability comes directly from clients’ databases, so product details are always up-to-date
  • For cart/client management, the CTA is within the Spectrum interface, but is quickly handed over to clients’ existing checkout process, for a seamless user experience
  • Spectrum platform provides the ability to save abandoned “locked recipes” from users, providing additional marketing opportunities through Spectrum Intelligence, and drawing on the inspiration of the customized experience


Our 100% success rate for factory integration is a direct result of our unique process – we start by collaboratively defining final customized product states and options with our clients. Spectrum’s technology is the bridge between software and reality, so we define what is realistically possible with our clients’ products, and then work backwards to manifest that with our software. 

Ultimately, a successful integration is Spectrum’s responsibility – ensuring our clients can produce the item that looks exactly like what their users are seeing on screen. 

To achieve our 100% factory integration rate, these are a few processes and best practices we adhere to:

  • Like many industries, the last mile in product customization is the hardest challenge to overcome. So this is where we place our focus, and what we use as our “North star” to drive future recommendations.
  • Spectrum maps users’ custom product recipes and delivers these to your factory floor with an endless choice of file delivery options.
  • Working backwards also helps us define opportunities for efficiency. Consumers’ delivery expectations are measured in days, not weeks, so we have a vetted list of production facilities that can help augment client facilities if necessary. 
  • With the experience of over 100 integrations, we’ve developed a series of tools to help with facility integration, particularly when it comes to data and file format manipulation. 
  • For any other needs, Spectrum offers an open API model to easily integrate into core business systems.

Ten years of product customization experience has reinforced that custom is custom. Your brand, products, options and factories are all unique so its important that your custom product experience accurately reflects it. We’re happy to put our experience of over 100 integrations to work, determining the best custom solution for your brand.