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A customized program turns your products into a canvas to design masterpieces exactly to their standards (but within your brand guidelines), investing their time and making it their own. In fact, Spectrum clients see an average 5X increase in time-on-site with users customizing products.

Spectrum Creator is the technology that supports these customization capabilities within our industry-leading 3D platform. Creator provides your users with a full suite of tools to work with, such as colors, text treatments, photo integrations and more. As users personalize their products, options are updated and displayed in real time, encouraging trial and deeper exploration. 

Courtesy of JBL – an example of photo integration, text and stickers combined with color combination options.

Some of the more popular options available within Spectrum Creator include:

  • Photo upload and integration – providing users with the ability to upload and integrate any image they can legally use. AI-powered moderation tools through Spectrum Protect help brands moderate photo usage for our clients.
  • Text treatments – providing users with multiple fonts and pathing options, even monograms to personalize gifts further
Word cloud data shows the common terms and phrases often used when customizing products
  • Additional art – design options such as configurable patterns, templates, and graphic libraries 
  • Recipe packs – allow for bulk orders with consistent custom product recipes where 1-2 options vary slightly (a roster of jerseys with consistent logo but different names, for example)
  • Color Options – letting users alter the colors of your product and accessories to create the exact combination they want.
62% of all custom orders include a unique color combination for one Spectrum client.

Humans value what we spend time on, and the same principle applies with product customization. Spectrum clients routinely see much higher rates of conversion and profit margins on custom SKUs. Additionally, Spectrum Creator provides brands:

  • Higher rates of conversion and profit on custom SKUs
  • Sample designs to inspire further exploration
  • Adaptability with influencer or co-branded assets to nimbly align with marketing efforts
  • Seasonality by pairing stock SKU’s with time-sensitive/seasonal artwork 
  • Incremental word-of-mouth and social sharing through personalization

Product customization inspires users to express themselves with their favorite brands and products. Spectrum Creator provides the palette by which brand fans can create the exact masterpiece for themselves or as a gift.