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Benefits of Spectrum Integration

Here’s what you can expect

Spectrum’s customization platform is packed with e-comm business benefits. Think higher conversion rates, increased average order value, and a brand-new channel for sales — not to mention the 3-D chops to create stunning visuals, so customers understand exactly what they designed, and how it’ll look in person. Plus, Spectrum’s platform fits right in: everything happens within your own site, and you control the UX look and feel for a seamless experience. Kind of like the missing puzzle piece you never knew you needed.  

And that’s just the start.

Realistic 3D modeling

Spectrum’s in-house 3D team builds lifelike product visuals for each custom experience. Photogrammetry allows us to capture detailed product designs, textures and shapes, for interactive, 360-degree assets — which translates to increased consumer confidence and ultimately, conversion.

demonstration of customizer on levi jean jacket
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Image upload and moderation

Nothing says product co-creation like seeing your own photos, graphics or text on the products you love. Spectrum offers a robust feature set for maximum customization, including image upload, resizing, position, rotation, and background removal. In addition, real-time AI moderation protects your business from copyright infringement as well as offensive imagery or text.


Spectrum’s robust marketing activation suite is built to increase your site’s conversion — from animated GIFs for remarketing the user’s customized product in social or display, to MP4s for in-house marketing initiatives. Additionally, your design teams can use the admin tool in Spectrum’s 3D models to create seasonal designs and limited-edition products. 

End to end solution

At Spectrum, we strive every day to help our clients produce customized products with accelerated production. To achieve this, we built a complete end-to-end ecosystem, offering stunning, best-in-class 3D-visualization and seamless integration with factory-ready files. Whether you’re working with laser etching, direct-to-garment printing, heat transfer sublimation, or digital printing, Spectrum makes fast production achievable — in as quick as 48 hours.

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