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Product customization empowers your biggest fans to create their own unique masterpieces. Unfortunately that empowerment can come with potential risk since you are giving some of your brand control over to the consumer. Smart moderation tools and process provides a balance between the freedom your fans desire and adhering to brand and legal guidelines. 

Spectrum Protect, our cutting-edge AI moderation tool, helps brands protect against copyright infringements, vulgarities and inappropriate content by:

  • Dictating the level of risk mitigation they are comfortable with
  • Modifying the process to include human moderation and fit within their team’s workflow (i.e. when/how to request for human review capabilities)
  • Defining the level of human involvement in the review process , reducing overhead associated with human moderation
  • Scaling up for localization as moderation can be implemented across multiple languages
Spectrum Protect moderation approval
As users upload images, the AI-powered moderation tools of Spectrum Protect identify copyrighted content and alert the brand team to deny or approve
Spectrum Protect moderation approval
When copyright content is detected, users are prompted to request approval by the brand team

Protection across media

With Spectrum, consumers personalize products by inputting their own text, images and even audio files delivered via QR code. Giving this level of creative license to your brand fans drives deeper loyalty, but requires moderation as users are free to input and upload anything. To protect brand integrity and expedite the process, Spectrum Protect defines differences between profane material vs. IP- brand issues, providing pass/fail results.

The following two flowcharts show where Spectrum Protect plays a role within a typical moderation process for user-uploaded image and text:


  • Spectrum provides clients with a default deny list informed by over 10+ years of moderatioN
  • Clients can fully customize text deny list with terms specific to their competition, industry, etc. 
  • Users can request review from the brand, providing administrators with the ability to reject or approve individual cases
User text moderation decision tree


  • AI can differentiate between inappropriate and copyright-protected content
  • Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) can identify text embedded in an image allowing for detection of profane text within an image
Spectrum Protect Image moderation decision tree
User image moderation decision tree

for audio moderation

  • Files are delivered via URL or QR code
  • Audio is scanned to ensure brand adherence – if not, users are prompted to re-record their message.
  • AI-powered brand protection against vulgarities and copyright-related material. 

Product customization allows your biggest brand fans to personalize your products to best fit their personalities. Without stifling their creativity, it is still important to set guidelines to protect your brand long-term. Spectrum Protect and our AI moderation tools provide efficient and well-tested methods to save teams time and money while safely protecting your brand.