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Brand Benefits of Product Customization

Spectrum Customizer began helping clients with their custom product programs over 10 years ago. Since that time, we’ve been singularly focused on becoming the global leader in product personalization. Never content to simply be a “configurator,” we place our emphasis on first ensuring proper integration with our client’s facilities to ensure the custom products can be produced exactly to their customers’ expectations. This focus has resulted in a 100% factory integration rate with our clients, resulting in Spectrum’s broad client portfolio, with specialties in outdoor equipment, apparel, technology and accessories.

If you haven’t considered product customization within your product line, there may be a few surprising benefits that you hadn’t considered.


Brands have no shortage of retail outlets anymore. Unfortunately, between supply chain challenges and competition from 3rd party retailers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to maintain the margins they’re used to. Thankfully, this is one of the largest benefits to product customization – the ability for your brand to innovate with distinction. Offering exclusive product personalization in your own distribution channels, reduces friction and/or competition with 3rd party retailers. Custom products, accurately portrayed with best-in-class visualization, such as through Spectrum 3DTrue, reinforce your brand’s innovative qualities and provide additional and unexpected buying opportunities.

As users navigate and build their own products, tools like Spectrum Creator provide your users with customization options – everything from photo integration, text and color options, stickers, and monograms. Every interaction is tech-forward with visually rich 3D assets, fast visualizations, intelligent moderation of user imagery, etc. Your biggest brand fans have the ability to completely customize their favorite products, making them uniquely their own, while providing your brand with retail innovation opportunities.


No digital initiative can be considered without evaluating the potential ROI it can provide. With product personalization, your consumers are naturally inspired to engage deeper within your site. They can explore more options within your product line, perhaps even products they had never considered, providing even more reasons to stay longer on the site. In fact, Spectrum clients routinely see 5X increase in time on site.

As consumers immerse themselves and invest more personal time customizing products, price sensitivity drops. More personal investment of time and emotion means consumers are more likely to feel “compelled” to complete their transaction. Need proof? Spectrum clients’ custom SKUs are their best sellers, outselling stock SKUs by 3X on average.

And in the event your user spends time creating a masterpiece, but doesn’t purchase, there are opportunities for highly-personalized re-marketing. Customer data and details from custom orders, combined with existing eCommerce data, provide valuable insights into a brand’s most loyal customers, their preferences, purchase behavior, etc. When combined with a feature such as Spectrum Intelligence, these insights can inform very specific profiles of your custom audiences, offering highly-personalized marketing opportunities or even future product line insights.


Brand fans already come to your site, but product personalization gives them a reason to stay longer. Personalization turns your website into their studio and your products into their palette, where features like Spectrum Creator gives fans a chance to go even further, customizing with photo integrations, stickers, colors, stickers, fonts and even monograms. These customization options, cleanly integrated into a consistent UX experience keep your site sticky, reducing bounce rates by up to 50%.

Product customization can come with potential risk, as you open up your brand and IP to unknown ideas and modification, even to your most loyal fans. It’s a common concern, but one that can be well mitigated through moderation. Cutting edge AI-driven moderation, such as Spectrum Protect, allows for maximum protection of your brand, by scanning for profanity in text and visuals, saving your team’s time while protecting against copyright infringements, vulgarities and inappropriate content.


We understand an enterprise-wide custom product program has a substantial impact across multiple departments. In our experience, the first step is to determine personalization opportunities within your product line, taking into consideration things such as the products’ popularity, new release schedules and products that might present the best creative “canvas.” For more detail on early decisions you’ll need to consider, you can refer to our Ready Assessment blog. And as you progress in your decision-making, Spectrum can provide ROI modeling to better help inform product decisions.

Usually the last, but most important, consideration is to evaluate your current supply chain. Begin by opening up discussions with your current factories to understand their full capabilities vs. what you are looking to implement. If your facilities are able to take on the customizations you’re looking for, Spectrum can easily integrate directly your new customization program with them. Or we can assist in finding 3rd party facilities to ease the last mile of production and fulfillment.

The advantages of product customization are untapped by many brands. With a turn-key process refined over dozens of successful integrations, Spectrum Customizer has the experience to successfully onboard your brand, offering unrealized revenue streams for you.