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3D Visualizations of a Levi's Jacket, Keurig machine, Astro headphones, Carhartt and Pandora jewelry

Enhanced 3D Product Visualization

Our clients continue to see the benefits of Spectrums’ 3D product customization platform. However, as consumers’ digital behaviors evolve and mature, expedited by the pandemic, we keep our eyes to the future to provide the most advanced customer personalization experiences possible. To that end, we’re excited to announce some new features and updates:

Enhanced 3D Graphics

In our obviously humble and unbiased opinion, product customization offers the best way for a brand to differentiate it’s e-commerce existence. Brands that provide customers more opportunities to customize and design around/in the brand for themselves, see increases in profit margin, order quantity, digital health AND brand loyalty.

Consumers’ digital expectations of brands continue to increase, and we’ve updated the Spectrum platform to help our clients cater to their enthusiasts, providing even more personalization opportunities within their existing product lines.

Our enhanced 3D graphics features allow for:

  • More complex functions and layers, meaning more flexibility with text box placement, text treatments such as outlines and curves plus far more pattern options.
  • Even more customization opportunities including increasing the number of images to upload and position on a product.
  • Faster load times of 3D assets while increasing the product visual fidelity.

Increased Print File Capabilities

Spectrum has achieved a 100% factory integration rate with our clients – a result we are very proud of. To continue to provide the most flexible and scalable solution for our clients, we recently updated our file structure to:

  • Support more functionality while reducing the support needed from our internal 3D team, increasing efficiency.
  • Now support vector files which are lighter over the wire and provide greater quality than rasterized solutions.
  • Improve overall print quality.

These are just a few of the ongoing updates we’ve pushed live for some of our clients and roll out for others. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us for a demo.