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Users who customize products are your most loyal fans, generating valuable primary data as they invest their time on your site. Harnessed properly, this data provides brands great opportunities for remarketing and retargeting as custom orders are left in shopping carts. And once they’re ordered, custom products have administrative needs like any other products, to administer orders, track overall sales, monitor conversion rates, track revenue and much more. 

Spectrum Intelligence is the technology that allows our clients to track and administer the customization activity on their site, unlocking the best benefits to product customization. When a user has finalized their design and shared, saved or put in a cart, this saved “recipe” becomes the basis for the two main capabilities Spectrum Intelligence provides: reporting and administration.


Custom SKUs convert at a much higher rate and with higher profit margins. Imagine monitoring custom product sales in real time, demonstrating the value of your product customization program. Spectrum Intelligence provides proprietary data insights with licensable advanced reporting that allows our clients to:

  • Refine and optimize the brand’s custom program based on real-time order data
  • Understand and guide long-term product trends based on custom product data (such as popular color combinations and option configurations) 
  • Optimize remarketing and retargeting opportunities with custom recipes user have saved
  • Continually evaluate UX and landing page efficacy
Spectrum offers our clients licensable dashboards that provide at-a-glance details about their custom program.


Spectrum Intelligence provides industry-leading administrative tools that deliver:

  • User and order management through varying levels of brand team member access 
  • Real-time component management to ensure consumers only make factory-available selections
  • Ongoing management of available personalization elements such as stock and promotional art, prints, patterns, fonts and more
Admin tools provide the ability to manage personalization elements such as stock and promotional art, prints, patterns, fonts and more.

uses of data and reporting

Valuable and unique customization data, provided by Spectrum Intelligence, can be used to:

  • Improve dropped/abandoned carts through re-marketing efforts featuring previously-designed products (locked recipes)
  • Manage stock products and refine custom programs based on real-time order data to align with changing consumer needs 
  • Evolve stock products to reflect popular customization options and trends
  • Evaluate customer profiles, experience paths, landing pages and KPIs to further optimize the experience

Product customization is the one type of personalization that truly deepens the relationship between consumers and brands, and the data generated provides a depth of insights into your products and loyal fans that you never knew possible.