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A large hurdle in developing a custom product program is finding a production solution that fits within the brand’s existing infrastructure and supply chain. Adding custom products in a customer flow requires levels of integration that may challenge legacy e-comm platforms, overwhelm teams and jeopardize the initiative. Any benefits of a successful custom program can be obscured by the challenges of integrating interfaces and data flow to make a smooth custom experience. 

With Spectrum Connect, we begin our integration process with your factory and production facilities, and work backwards to craft a custom solution. Our platform-agnostic technology ensures maximum flexibility, mitigates integration challenges and ensures success for our clients.


If you would like to quickly emulate the loading of customized products into your existing e-comm system, we offer a quick and easy driver as a test. The driver enables your integration teams to load a sample product, add to cart, and ability to deliver an order acknowledgement. If all elements of the test integration are successful, the driver displays a corresponding message and visual to acknowledge the successful test. This easy test enables brands to evaluate custom product viability in hours and days, vs weeks and months typically needed vs. other systems. Read more information about common integration points between Spectrum and your ecommerce and factory teams here.

Spectrum provides an integration test to help quickly evaluate custom product opportunities within existing ecomm systems.


Like many industries, the “last mile” in product customization is the hardest challenge to overcome, so this is where the Spectrum team places the bulk of our focus. We collaborate with our clients to define what is realistically possible with their products, and then work backwards to manifest that with the Spectrum platform. At the end of the day, we consider integration to be our responsibility, making sure our clients can produce the item that looks exactly like what their users are seeing on screen.

With our “last-mile” focus, we have achieved a 100% factory integration rate across a wide variety of existing platforms. Below are the ecomm solutions we integrate with most often and some of our clients on those platforms.

E-comm platforms we most commonly integrate with

If you do not see your system on that list, or if your e-comm solution is custom-built, no worries. Spectrum’s tech agnostic approach can work with your existing platform. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific technical questions as you consider adding a custom program to your e-comm program.