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Welcome to the Spectrum blog, where we discuss the benefits of product customization, trends we see in the industry and best practices.


Omnichannel has been an ever-present marketing objective (and buzzword) for the better part of a decade. Even before the proliferation of the internet and mobile apps, brands sought to provide a consistent experience across various touchpoints for consumers to purchase their products. But accelerated digital buying behaviors, combined with the proliferation of mobile devices, means […]

Order Management Systems

Enterprise-level Order Management systems (OMS) are great at managing ongoing and standard production processes by managing order details with ease and transparency throughout the lifecycle. Those strengths break down, however, when custom products are added to the mix, demanding more flexibility and nimbleness than most legacy systems can provide.  This disconnect can be a large […]

Enhanced 3D Product Visualization

Our clients continue to see the benefits of Spectrums’ 3D product customization platform. However, as consumers’ digital behaviors evolve and mature, expedited by the pandemic, we keep our eyes to the future to provide the most advanced customer personalization experiences possible. To that end, we’re excited to announce some new features and updates: Enhanced 3D […]

Ready Assessment

An effective means of increasing revenue and profit margin across many categories, the benefits of product customization go deep. However, implementing a product customization platform seems like a daunting task for any organization. The complexity is vast: it includes new e-commerce integration, requiring consensus across multiple teams.

Here’s The Gift-Giving Option that can Help Your Team Win Black Friday

It’s official. Every year, Black Friday is earlier and earlier. In fact, NBC News reported that in 2019, surveys conducted by the NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics found 56 percent of shoppers started buying gifts for the holidays during the first week of November, up from 48 percent in 2009.