You don’t mess with hockey players. That’s why the world’s #1 hockey brand chose Spectrum for their skate and equipment customization program. With Spectrum’s lifelike product visualization, intuitive interface and end-to-end technical expertise, everybody stays happy and civil. (Whew!)

With hockey participation increasing at every level, Bauer saw an opportunity to carve out an even larger share of this growing market. How? Be first in their industry to offer customized skates, sticks and gear. Spectrum made it all possible.

For decades, Bauer has dominated the global hockey skate market. And they’re not about to back down. Using the Spectrum customization platform, Bauer’s 3D Skate Lab now lets anyone create a skate with a fully-custom fit, blade, liner, laces, eyelets and personalized graphics. Players can visit any Bauer retailer for a digital foot scan, then enter that data online. Customization is available on their popular Vapor, Supreme and Nexus models.

Like your custom design? Spectrum lets you share it via social media, including a branded background scoreboard image that displays the player’s name and uniform number.

Given the success of the 3D Skate Lab, Bauer and Spectrum will partner again in the coming months to offer additional skate models plus custom sticks, pads and equipment.

Bauer scores. Spectrum gets the assist.

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