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The Levi’s® brand was built on the power of individuality. For multiple generations, a pair of Levi’s jeans or a Levi’s denim jacket has been more than just something to wear—it’s been a blank canvas for self-expression. That tradition continues today with the Levi’s online custom program, made possible by Spectrum.

Customization has always been at the heart of the Levi’s® brand, dating back to when Levi Strauss created his first pair of handmade work pants during the California Gold Rush. We fast-forward to the 21st century where the brand’s embrace of individualism lives on, but with a slightly more sophisticated approach to design and manufacturing.

Created in collaboration with Levi’s internal design team, Levi’s Custom is the company’s first branded direct-to-consumer customization program. Available via Levi.com, it now allows users to add a personal touch to the iconic Trucker Jacket. Available in two denim washes, the jacket can be embroidered on the front, back or waistband in a choice of fonts and thread colors.

Consumers can also design their own printed Levi’s t-shirt, choosing from variations of the brand’s famous batwing logo, positioning on the shirt and their own text. Submitted text is moderated to protect against inappropriate content. More Levi’s products will be available for customization in the near future.

Levi’s Custom is a showcase for Spectrum’s stunningly realistic 3D, 360-degree product visualization. What’s created on your screen matches what shows up on your doorstep. And it’s delivered quickly, because Spectrum’s end-to-end capability means user designs are transmitted direct to the factory floor for embroidery or digital printing, then shipped within a week.

It’s hard to improve on an American classic like Levi’s. But thanks to Spectrum, anyone can own a classic that’s also uniquely their own.

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